The innovative ICE Cleaner Gel is a unique and highly effective, glass and water spot cleaning product. The high viscosity gel formulation with its distinctive, integrated “Run-Off Stop” technology cleans glass, paint and other smooth surfaces in seconds. ICE does not run-off, even when sprayed on vertical surfaces, making it more effective and economical to use. Well suited to easily remove stubborn chalk- and water spots after car wash. A must have for any car enthusiast.

APPLICATION ON GLASS: Just spray ICE Cleaner Gel onto the glass surfaces and rub it in with a clean paper towel in a circular motion. Evaporates quickly and leaves behind streak-free glass surfaces.

APPLICATION ON PAINT AND OTHER SMOOTH SURFACES: Apply ICE Cleaner Gel and wipe it off with our soft, red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth – done! Well suited for chrome surfaces.

Additional information


Detailer, Enthusiast, Bodyshop

Capacity in ml

25l, 500ml, 5l

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